Jalen Johnson sparks Cavaliers interest

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the third pick in the next NBA draft in 2021. Most analysts and fans agree that this pick will be used in a component of the trident composed of Evan Mobley, Jalen Green and Jalen Suggs.

However, in the Ohio franchise they do not lose sight of other prospects who can also help boost the level of the team. In fact, other prominent players in the litter such as Jonathan Kuminga and Jalen Johnson have done private workouts with the Cavaliers. And it is the latter in which the most interest has generated in the organization.

According to ., the former Duke University player completed his workout at a very good level, leaving the coaching staff impressed. Johnson understands an athletic profile who likes to run the track and exhibits great rebounding skills, with the potential to rise as a two-way player.

It seems unlikely that the former Blue Devils player will make his way to the top picks. In fact, the main mock drafts place it between positions ten and twenty. In addition, the Cavaliers will insist on the number one Pistons until the last minute, so a trade down is not in their plans.

Still, in Ohio they have other avenues of action. The Cavaliers have put Collin Sexton on the market and a hypothetical trade could return a round of this draft in return. Interested teams include the Knicks, who have picks 19 and 21. Perhaps one of them could end up becoming Jalen Johnson.

The Milwaukee only played thirteen games for Duke this season, in which he averaged 11.2 points and 6.1 rebounds. Although he has enough potential to become a scoring threat in the NBA, his profile requires a job and includes a long-term bet.

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