Jaime Garza dies: How did the Mexican actor die? Mexican actor Jaime Garza died at 67 years of age.

The entertainment world is in mourning, this time after the death of Mexican actor Jaime Garza, at the age of 67, was announced.

The unfortunate news of the death of the famous interpreter was announced in the morning of Friday, May 14 with a heartfelt message on the official Twitter account of the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI).

“@ANDIMexico communicates the sensitive death of interpreter partner Jaime Garza. He is remembered for his work in productions such as: ‘Rosa Salvaje’, ‘Bianca Vidal’ and ‘Pacto de Amor’. We send our deepest condolences to their family and friends, ”ANDI announced on the social network.

According to information reviewed by Milenio, the star died this Friday, May 14 in Mexico City as a result of complications derived from the diabetes that he suffered for a few years.

Rosita Pelayo, Jaime Garza’s ex-wife, announced that the famous Mexican actor died in the tranquility of his home in the company of his relatives.

Garza began his outstanding artistic career as an actor with his participation in the children’s show “Plaza Sésamo” in 1973.

The soap opera heartthrob is remembered for his participation in great melodramas such as “La usurpadora”, “Droplet of love”, “Angel face”, “Wild rose”, “Salomé” and “Long live the children!”

Jaime Garza suffered the loss of one of his legs due to the diabetes he suffered


Why was Jaime Garza’s leg amputated? | The Minute that changed my destiny # JaimeGarza explains what it has been like to live without his right leg, why was it amputated? Visit our website: Visit the networks of The minute that changed my destiny Facebook: Twitter: Or in our networks of Imagen Televisión Facebook: Twitter: bit. ly / 2pxLq4U Visit Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s channels: YouTube:…2019-12-29T05:39:23Z

In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infantes in December 2019, Jaime Garza confessed that he had his right leg amputated in 2014 after presenting circulation problems due to the diabetes he suffered from.

The Mexican actor revealed that the problems with his right leg began with a traffic accident that he suffered, but the situation worsened after being diagnosed with diabetes.

“It’s difficult, I never thought of losing a leg. However, it has opened my eyes to many things that before, being whole, I did not notice or did not perceive them, ”Garza admitted when referring to the loss of one of his limbs.

What was Jaime Garza’s last participation in a melodrama?

Jaime Garza, considered one of the most beloved and respected actors by the Mexican people, said goodbye to television with his participation in the successful telenovela “El bienamado”, produced by Nicandro Díaz and broadcast on Televisa in 2017.

Throughout his outstanding artistic career, Garza was part of around twenty-seven telenovelas that broke audience records in Mexico.

The Mexican actor also participated in unitaries such as “La rosa de Guadalupe” and “Mujeres, cases de la vida real”.

Famous people mourn the death of Jaime Garza

Great personalities of the television industry lamented the death of Jaime Garza with heartfelt messages on digital platforms.

“RIP my dear friend and my eternal teacher of ‘Simply Maria’. Sadness in the heart, good path for Jaime Garza ”, wrote the Mexican actress Victoria Ruffo on the Twitter platform.

“Rest in peace, actor Jaime Garza,” said Mexican television presenter Horacio Villalobos on Twitter.

“Good road, Mr. Garza. It breaks my heart to learn of his departure. Extraordinary actor, thank you for the award ”, mentioned the Mexican actress Raquel Garza on Twitter.

“Rest in peace Jaime Garza,” said Mexican journalist and television presenter Juan José “Pepillo” Origel on Twitter.

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