Jailyne Ojeda highlights her impressive rear with fitted biker shorts

Every what Jailyne ojeda he proposes to paralyze the hearts of his followers he succeeds. The Mexican model caused a sensation by posting one of those hot images that enchant her more than 13 million followers on Instagram.

A few days ago, the sexy brunette took the opportunity to share some photographs where she can be seen posing upside down, in profile and from the front, with a low-cut top and some fitted pink biker shorts that highlighted her impressive rear.

“I do not have to search because at the level that is not reached the others 🎶”, is the text that the young woman wrote on the postcards that have added more than 287 thousand red hearts and 1756 comments.

Previously, Jailyne Ojeda showed off in front of a mirror wearing another tight sports outfit to ask a question: “Mirror, mirror, who is the prettiest of all.”

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