Jail Sentence for Transgender Woman Who Robbed Mississippi Bank for Cosmetic Surgery

Archive image of a cosmetic procedure at Vayo Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo: MLADEN ANTONOV / AFP / Getty Images

A transgender woman with a history of bank robbery To finance his transition, he pleaded guilty Monday to a robbery in Mississippi in 2019.

Iconic Facce, 39, she was sentenced to 15 years in jail for each of the two robbery charges against you. He will serve the sentence consecutively.

The woman pleaded guilty in Harrison County Court.

Iconic Facce, who resided in the Alabama town of Ashford, committed the theft to pay for additional plastic surgeries, according to the Fox 23 report.

Iconic Facce, a serial bank robber

Facce, who was also known as Jimmy Maurice Lewis II, has several arrests on his record for bank robberies in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas, the Biloxi Sun Herald report indicates.

In the most recent case, officials from the city of Gulfport reported that Facce entered BancorpSouth Bank on March 22 shortly after 10 a.m. and passed a note to a bank teller stating that he had a minute. to give him the money or he would die.

Thief caught on security cameras at Alabama bank

In the security camera videos, Facce, who apparently was not armed, is seen as several employees hand him the cash.

When describing the suspect, agents indicated that the person appeared to have several plastic surgeries on his cheeks, since they looked really enhanced.

Witnesses also described the thief with her swollen lips.

Early in the morning of that day, detectives found an abandoned Cadillac near the bank. People who were in the area indicated that they saw a woman who met Facce’s characteristics get out of the vehicle.

Upon verifying the car’s registration, the information directed investigators to the address of Facce’s home, more than 270 miles from the scene of the theft.

Additional, Bank workers identified Facce in a recognition round through photos.

Not only this, but the data on the convict’s cell phone located her at the bank the morning of the robbery between 7 and 11 a.m., according to the prosecutor in the case Ian Baker.

Facce traveled east on Interstate 10 and then north on Interstate 65 to Alabama.

“The last time the phone was located was on March 23, 2019 at Hunstville International Airport,” Baker told WLOX.

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