Jaguar no longer thinks about BMW or Mercedes, its future is to compete with Bentley and Porsche

Yes, we are still open-mouthed, but the steering wheel that Jaguar just announced is very, very real. The British automaker faces its biggest transformation heading into 2030, and it will no longer just be a complete leap into the electric car, but a complete shift in approach to reinventing Jaguar. Starting in 2030, Jaguar will not seek to be a premium manufacturer, but rather a luxury brand capable of competing with Bentley or Porsche. through a completely new range of electric cars.

That the plan reimagining that is being put in place, both in Jaguar and Land Rover, was going to change things, was something we took for granted, but we could never have imagined that the transformation of Jaguar would go so far. The complete jump to the electric car is already a great challenge, doing it with a completely new range and different from the current one even more, but if we add to that a total change of approach, then We no longer know very well what to call the change that is taking place in Jaguar.

And to understand what Jaguar intends to do with this shift in focus, the easiest way to do it is to discover that the brand’s first new electric will arrive in 2025 with a price starting at 117,000 euros (100,000 pounds). This has been communicated by the CEO of the group Thierry Bollore, when explaining the future plans of the manufacturer, defending this bet as a new way of understanding the luxury vehicle, and therefore, as a new way of understanding the vision of the English manufacturer.

From premium to luxury brand through the electric car, this is the Jaguar that we will see in 2030

The plan to offer direct competition to Mercedes, BMW and Audi has not worked at Jaguar, registering very low sales compared to its rivals. Thus, instead of continuing to bet on a formula where in addition to fierce competition, they must also fight assuming tighter prices and more rivals such as Lexus, Volvo or now also Genesis, the decision made by the brand has been to change objectives.

In a way, Jaguar seeks to follow in the footsteps of the Range Rover range, a range of cars capable of competing equally in the premium and luxury markets, also doing so with notable global sales figures and better profit margins. Therefore, Jaguar’s first new electric car will arrive in 2025 with the intention of Stand up to models with similar characteristics from firms such as Bentley, Porsche, Maserati or Mercedes-Maybach.

Jaguar I Pace P test

Jaguar at the moment has not wanted to offer details about what this first electric car will be like, whether it will be a saloon or crossover, autonomy, power, etc. Confirming only that in this restructuring plan the only current Jaguar that will survive will be the I-Pace, although under a different format almost in all probability.

Source: AutoNews

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