Jaguar E-Type restomod, more than 300,000 euros for “modernizing” your E-Type


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If you want to modernize and enhance your Jaguar E-Type you only need to hire this company and “drop” 376,000 euros (oh and put the car).

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the most iconic models in automotive history. Considered one of the most beautiful in the car industry, there is a company in the UK called E-Type UK that has made their admiration for this car their business.

After several restorations of the iconic Jaguar model, he has now decided to reimagine it, Introducing a bold new take on the E-Type, with more power and style.

This “restomod” is the first to be produced by its sub-brand Unleashed, which is dedicated to equipping classic cars with “modern performance and comforts”. This is a new version of the Series 3 E-Type, first introduced in 1971. This generation of the British model may not be as popular as the famous Series 1, but no one can deny its incredible beauty.

The aesthetics, luckily, has not been touched too much

Jaguar E-Type

4 photos Jaguar E-Type «Unleashed»


It has the V-12 engine that came standard, which has been completely redesigned to obtain more power. Each of the 12 cylinders has been further drilled to increase capacity by 800cc. As a result, the 5.3-liter engine is now a 6.1 liter that can produce about 400 hp ‘To provide prodigious thrust at full throttle’, according to the E-Type UK.

That power is sent to the rear wheels through a new five-speed manual gearboxwhile a new stainless steel exhaust ensures incredible sporty sound.

To increase reliability in all driving conditions, the rest of the roadster’s mechanical components have also been improved. This includes the suspension, which is tailored to each collector’s preferences for comfort and cornering stability.

Jaguar E-Type

4 photos Jaguar E-Type «Unleashed»


Fortunately, the aesthetics have not been too modified. The exterior has been subtly retouched to create a sleeker, more sinuous profile, while handcrafted chrome bumpers have been fitted to the front and rear. The custom front grille and badge, meanwhile, have a “floating” effect, which the company says helps modernize the look.

The famous wire wheels of the E-Type have also been increased to 16 inches to be able to mount larger brakes. This gives the Unleashed version a lower and wider stance than the original. On the other hand, the characteristic hood sports elongated grilles to improve engine cooling, while the headlights have been equipped with LEDs.

As for the cabin, signature 60s style meets some contemporary touches. Hand-stitched leather seats and vintage dashboard share the limelight with power windows, central locking, Bluetooth, surround sound and air conditioning.

Naturally, this E-Type is not cheap. Prices start at around 376,000 euros And, as you can imagine, you have to bring your own Jaguar E-Type.

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