Jadon Sancho to sign for Manchester United

06/26/2021 at 11:24 AM CEST

The end of a long soap opera may be coming to an end. The ‘Mirror’ revealed that Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United have already reached an agreement for the transfer of English. 93 million are the figure for which, finally, the German team will shed one of its greatest pearls. Of these, 87 would be fixed and another 6 in the form of variables according to performance.

Last summer, the ‘red devils’ spent it knocking on the door of the ‘borusser’ team to try to reach an agreementBut always tough in the negotiations, they considered Sancho a key piece in their scheme and decided to keep him. Now, after this succulent offer, but a little downward, it had been speculated with 120 million, they have decided that it is time to let it fly.

I would arrive with a star salary

The English international, who has barely had minutes in this European Championship, to the surprise of many, would stop at Old Trafford with a salary at the height of his position in the team. To convince him, something that has already been done for days, Manchester United would have put him on the table a salary of 400,000 pounds a week, according to ‘The Sun’.

Sancho would return ‘home’

Jadon left Manchester in 2017, although he did not play for the club he would sign now, but was part of the City quarry. After incorporating these from Watford, Borussia Dortmund advanced to all and for just under 8 million euros they offered him a contract as a professional. 4 years later, he would sell it for 90 more than he invested.

Of course, despite going to wear the colors of the two greats of the city, he himself confessed that as a child they were a Chelsea fan.

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