The cheerleader Jacqueline Bracamontes she is a proud and industrious mom of 5 girls, They are already putting her in trouble for lovers and broken hearts.

This was also confessed by the actress in a conversation he had with Jomari Goyso, the fashion expert from Univisión and his great friend, through Instagram Live. There he revealed that his oldest daughter, Jacky, 7, is already breaking hearts at his school.

In the middle of quarantine, the driver found out about the your daughter’s suitor through messages that the boy sent to his mobile phone.

“A friend from school sent him a voice message saying ‘Jacky, I have dialed you but you don’t answer me,’ obviously on my cell phone, and he says ‘Jacky, do you want to be my girlfriend?’”He related in the video published in your Instagram account.

The girl almost died of grief with her parents and she refused to answer him as a child, despite the fact that Jacqueline exhorted her to be honest and cut short.

“And I say ‘Jacky, she’s going to keep talking to you until you answer her,’ and she says ‘It doesn’t matter, I hang up on him every time.’ I (tell him) send him a message and you say no, if you don’t want to, tell him ‘you know what, we better stay friends’. She said it all so sadly. And that is 7 years old, Imagine tomorrow gives Martin and me a heart attack“He commented with a laugh.

And is that at 7 years old, Jacky inherited her mom’s beauty and character, so it is not surprising that certain children already begin to see it with the eyes of the heart.

The host of Netas Divinas took what happened as something normal, which occurs in childhood, and thus tried to explain it to her daughter. Although it was the first time, she still doesn’t feel ready to imagine what her daughters’ relationships will be like, so he indicated that he prefers to live day to day.

Jacqueline Bracamontes confessed that she would not star again

The driver is undergoing the quarantine in Miami but assured that strange Mexico. “We know that this situation is complicated right now, it has been unexpected, difficult, but the most important thing and the message right now is to be together and with the family,” he added.

Further, revealed that the main reason he would never star in a novel again is because of his daughters, since he could not abandon them to spend 8 months just recording. However, he left the door open for a special participation in some soap opera or series.

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