Jacob DeGrom struck out Bryce Harper in the majors

Jacob DeGrom continues to have good performances from the mound of the Big leagues. This time in the turn before an old acquaintance: Bryce harper.

DeGrom, is one of the most difficult pitchers to face in the MLB. At least that is how many players from the big top have manifested it. A turn against him, it’s totally a nightmare for players.

At 32 years of age, Jacob DeGrom keep throwing fire for the plate, if not ask Bryce harper, who couldn’t hit the Mets right-hander in the Big leagues.

The pitcher challenged Bryce harper in the turn and although the batter is one of the best, the straight Jacob DeGrom passed the Phillies outfielder in the MLB.

Here the turn:

In his outing, the ace of the New York Mets threw 6 innings, allowed just 3 hits, 2 walks and struck out 7, among those, Bryce harper.