Jackson’s brief to Atlético about how he treated his injury

The Colombian Jackson Martinez did not have a good experience in the
Atlético de Madrid.
He was signed as one of the best strikers in Europe but his performance was not up to expectations, or the investment made.

For him it was a turning point in his career. On the negative side. In 2015, after three seasons being one of the best forwards in Europe, in the ranks of FC Porto, Jackson Martinez signed for him Atlético de Madrid in an operation that went over 40 million euros. At the orders of Diego
Simeone. However, the adaptation to the Spanish club was not the best, the forward scored only three goals in 22 games and, in 2016, he moved to China, where things did not finish working either.

Atlético Madrid-Rayo Vallecano.  Game of return.  Eighths.  Copa del Rey 2015-2016.Atlético Madrid-Rayo Vallecano. Game of return. Eighths. Copa del Rey 2015-2016.

During these years, the player has spoken several times about why he did not triumph as rojiblanco. The Colombian understands that a poorly healed injury was at fault and in this case he blames the Athletic of it.

In conversation with the Primer Toque program, Win SportsHe noted: “Where the injury was, little is said, my injury occurred in the match against chili, in 2015 in chili. That’s where it comes from, I get to Atlético de Madrid And they started treating me for a sprain, when I had had that injury about five times, I know that what I have is not that, because of the pain, because of the shape, I knew it was not that. I knew all the types of that injury, but did not know how serious it was.

“As a player, you play with discomfort, you recover and continue because you trust the doctors who say that you have nothing serious. When i start to China in one match I received a very strong tackle and that made everything worse, they almost broke my tibia. And after some games, I didn’t have surgery and there came a time when I couldn’t even step on it ”, he explained.