Jackie Bradley Jr. hit the first home run for the Brewers

Jackie Bradley Jr. connected his first home run with the uniform of the Brewers of Miwaukee in the 2021 season of the Big leagues (MLB).

A pitching that was high for the rival pitcher, Jackie Bradley Jr. took the opportunity to stretch his arms and shoot home run of line throughout the central garden of the Big leagues.

Bradley Jr. who arrived in the off-season of the 2021 campaign of the Boston Red Sox organization, is one of those pieces that can help the Milwaukee team to earn a spot in the postseason of the MLB.

The baseball player Brewers released his power with first home run with the t-shirt of the Brewers and also, the first of the campaign of the Big leagues.

In the current season of Big leagues, Jackie Bradley Jr. batting for a .161 average, an RBI and a home run with the Brewers.