Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter


Mexico City / 01.14.2021 08:39:15

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey said that veto President Donald Trump from his platform Following the violence last week on the US Capitol it was the « right decision, » but one that sets a dangerous precedent.

Twitter last week removed Trump’s account, which had 88 million followers, based on the risk of further violence. after the assault on the Capitol by supporters of the president.

« Having to take these actions fragments the public conversation, » Dorsey wrote on Twitter Wednesday. « They divide us. They limit the potential for enlightenment, redemption and learning. And they set a precedent that I consider dangerous: the power that an individual or corporation has over a part of the global public conversation« .

The expulsion generated criticism from some Republicans who said it stifled the president’s right to free speech. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned through a spokeswoman that lawmakers, not private companies, should decide on possible restrictions on freedom of expression.

In his Twitter thread, Dorsey maintained that while he was not proud of the ban, « offline damage as a result of online speech is demonstrably real. »

Still, he added, « while there are clear and obvious exceptions, I believe that a ban is our ultimate failure to promote healthy conversation. »

Twitter has introduced a series of measures over the last year, such as labels, warnings and distribution restrictions to reduce the need to make decisions about the total removal of content from the service.