J Lo shows off his revenge body when he leaves the gym with an original mask

After the express trip he took with Ben Affleck to Montana, J Lo is back to his everyday life and gym routine.

After what J Lo reunited with his ex Ben AffleckEveryone wants to know what happened between them, if they are going back, if they are just friends or what happened during the days they were together.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are reunited! Will they think of going back?

However, Jenny from the block has limited herself to looking splendid while attending her usual gym in Miami, in which she wore a perfectly marked abdomen and a diva countenance.

Jennifer Lopez has been seen in public again after parting ways with A-Rod

When looking at her, it is impossible to wonder what is going through the mind of her ex Alex Rodríguez, who stopped having the words and details necessary to have her by his side after some relationship problems they had.

The day Alex Rodríguez made Jennifer Lopez cry

Confident and spectacular, Jennifer Lopez walked quickly to her training space without being seen with the glass thermos that he usually carries with him, adorned with different motifs.

When he left, not only his change of outfit attracted attention, in which his white The Kooples trainers with a value of 344 dollars stood out at first, but also his mask.

Apparently, it was a mask with a lip print, with which J Lo was flirtatious and funny at the same time, having fun with what has undoubtedly been accessory of the season, albeit compulsory.

There is no doubt that physical exercise has its advantages, because in addition to always having her in a good mood and in excellent physical condition, it has surely also served to distract her and focus on her next projects.

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