J.K. Rowling remains in the public eye and criticism does not stop raining down on her since last June 2020 she made public a series of tweets where she expressed her opinion around the transgender community and that earned her the title of transphobic. The controversy continues now that the famous writer announced the launch of her new book Troubled Blood and social networks have already been in charge of recriminating him.

Troubled Blood, written under the male pseudonym Robert Galbraith, is a crime novel that deals with the investigation into the murder of a woman in 1974 by a man who disguises himself as a woman to commit crimes against his victims. Even media like The Telegraph made a critical review to state that: «The moral seems to be: never trust a man in a dress«.

Such a premise caused the hashtag to go viral on Twitter #RIPJKRowling to « declare dead » or rather cancel the British author, who according to some Internet users, has once again manifested her transphobia.

« I can’t believe Hermione Granger wrote the entire Harry Potter series. »

I still can’t believe J.K. Rowling wrote a novel that implies that trans people can be villains. We in the LGBT + community are ALWAYS compassionate, loving and committed to justice, peace and basic human decency.

Of course, the aforementioned hashtag lent itself to a disparity of opinions, because although there were those who railed against his work, others took it with humor and questioned that of the « culture of cancellation. »

Before this controversy, the writer had captured the attention of the headlines after she rejected and returned an award from the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights group (RFKHR for its acronym in English) after the same president of the group called her transphobic.

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