J Balvin’s comment could unleash enmity with Maluma!

J Balvin's comment could unleash enmity with Maluma! (AFP)

J Balvin’s comment could unleash enmity with Maluma! | .

Recently Maluma shared a video on Instagram where J Balvin made a comment, which some believe could cause great enmity between them, as it is well known that both are close friends.

It is perhaps this type of closeness that allows both of them to make precisely this type of comment, however, it does not hurt to realize that everything is fine between the two compatriots.

When you hear the word Colombia, its landscapes, culture and especially the world-renowned music and performers immediately come to your head, two names that you have surely heard more than once are Maluma and J Balvin thanks to their melodies and flirtatious personalities.

Both Colombian celebrities took a long time to finalize a collaboration together, although they were already quite successful, it was their melody “What a shame” in which only the two of them participated, since they had previously had a collaboration with other musical personalities.

From the moment they announced their collaboration, we immediately realized that they both began to get along quite well. If you remember the video of “Qué Pena”, at the beginning of it the two make a parody of the other imitating some recognized gestures and phrases.

It has also been on Instagram where we have seen more interaction between the two, joking with each other, something similar to the relationship between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

For some days that Maluma He is passing through in his native country, this to enjoy a little and relax from so much hustle and bustle that he has had lately, within several images that he shared in a publication, he appears in a video practicing surfing, although he is in a lake and the waves were caused Apparently Maluma had a great time with a boat.

The following photographs were about him and part of the impressive place in which he was, while he was practicing the sport which requires a lot of physical conditioning and balance he did quite well, despite that. J Balvin He took the opportunity to make a comment among the first places with which he surely caused it is not known if the laughter or annoyance of the interpreter of Happy the Four.

“Whenever he wants, I teach him about waves my Pai”, wrote J Balvin.

His comment in turn received several responses from Internet users, although no reaction has been seen from Maluma, although to tell the truth it is likely that he has not been bothered because he also continuously jokes with J Balvin.

On the other hand, some Internet users began to defend Maluma, although they admitted that they found the comment of the “Azul” interpreter quite funny.

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Although the two singers are of different ages, Maluma 26 and J Balvin 35 respectively, their camaraderie seems to be years ago, they share somewhat similar personalities, the same musical genre and also the character is perhaps why they get along so well together.

Of course, each of them sometimes go through complicated and even embarrassing situations, as is the case with Maluma, who to date continues to talk about the love triangle between him, his ex-girlfriend Natalia Barulich and the soccer player Neymar. a topic that continues to be valid and continues to give people talk.

So much has been the theme of Maluma and his ex-girlfriend that he decided to launch a melody where he explained their relationship in his song entitled “Hawaii”, the same one that later some would claim that both Neymar and Barulich were making fun of him.

The soccer player for sharing a video where he was singing it like his teammates, as for Natalia he uploaded some photographs while on vacation in Hawaii precisely as the song says, so far Maluma has not commented on the matter .

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