Ivonne Govea lost her life, she performed with Tintan and El Santo!

Ivonne Govea lost her life, she performed with Tintan and El Santo! | AFP

Again a news that has everyone from the show sad because the mexican starlet named Ivonne Govea has just lost her life.

With the departure of Ivonne govea the era of the great vedettes is ending, as a result of an apparently unsuccessful operation, while he was in the operating room with an open heart, his body did not resist the intervention.

He had the opportunity to participate in important risque theater plays, in addition to the cinema of the golden age next to the fighter The Saint Y Tin so, two important characters in Mexican cinema, where he participated as the female character.

In addition to having been a vedette, a woman who has the ability to dance, sing and dance at the same time, one of the lesser known facets of her personality is that she was also a scientist as part of the Genealogical Institute being one of the researchers, according to the magazine TV Notes.

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Through Twitter we find several messages dedicated to honor the artist, who at the time came to share the stage or the popularity of the stars alongside Wanda Seux, Olga Breeskin, Princess Yamal, Lyn May, among other important and above all beautiful actresses.

Something that characterized Govea is that after she retired from the stage on a few occasions if not on any occasion she was involved in scandals related to her person or to a third party.

In a video that was shared in 2015 on the YouTube channel entitled CRJ, which is titled “Vedettes in oblivion – The story behind the myth”, where several of the greatest artists of the 70s appear.

In her interview, Govea mentioned that in those years when the vaudeville boom began, the artists who worked in this genre invested large sums of money to have not only impressive costumes but also sets that were at the height of the shows that the public requested.

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He toured the country doing his impressive presentations, always performing with a show on par with what was presented in Las Vegas.

The person in charge of giving the news of Ivonne’s departure was Lucero Campos who so far is participating in “La Voz Senior”, he did so through a publication on his Facebook account, where he shared the sad news for his followers. who had the opportunity to meet the star of Mexico.

Ivonne govea She was the founder and scientific researcher of the FBI (Individual Biological Physiognomy). She was also the founder of D´Vintage Code, she was a member of composers of the ANPE National Journalistic Groups.

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He was also a member of the National Association of Interpreters also known as ANDI, who on their Twitter account shared their condolences, as well as other important not only personalities but institutes who remembered part of his career by sharing videos and photographs in his honor.

He developed as a director of the National Association of Broadcasters of Mexico known as ANLM, as well as a social of the Astronomical Association of Mexico.

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Surely your family will be extremely heartbroken by the fact of losing not only an important member of your family but also an intelligent, talented woman and above all who never feared the public to the cameras and could appear both in long dresses and in tiny garments .

Fortunately Govea had the opportunity to retire gracefully and also grow old with enough glamor and elegance, Ivonne continued to grow throughout her life and did not just stagnate in the time of the so-called ficheras.

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