Ivica Olic Selection: “Busquets is like wine; the older it is, the better”

Croatia’s second coach, Ivica Olic, considers the match against Spain “open”, with a fifty percent chance for each team in the round of 16 match of the Eurocup and, like the rest of the Balkan squad, highlights Sergio Busquets as the key man of the team by Luis Enrique.

“All the coaches know who Spain is and what level Spain has when Busquets plays. They all try to stop it, not give it space or time to distribute. However, it is like wine, the older it is, the better. It is difficult to stop it and now it means a lot for Spain where there is a lot of young player. It is the connection between attack and defense. We will try to do everything possible to stop him. I don’t know if we can achieve it one hundred percent because it is very good. Although Spain is not just Busquets. as seen “, explained Olic.

Zlatko Dalic’s assistant in the Croatian national team considers Monday’s duel in Copenhagen to be balanced. Olic wouldn’t be surprised to be resolved in the extension. “I am sure that Spain knows our qualities. We believe in our players. I dare to say that everything is open. It is a single game, we have the same quality as them. I think that before this game there are no favorites, the tie is fifty percent. I have the feeling that the game will be decided at the end, even in overtime, “he ventured.

The one who was CSKA Moscow’s coach until months ago considers possession of the ball as a decisive aspect in the clash against Spain. “There won’t be a lot of changes although there is still a long way to go before the game. As for the tactic, we really started working on it on Friday. It’s good that it’s been a long time since Scotland and the players will be fresh and good for the game. We want to have possession. , take the ball. But the Spanish are strong and can dominate any team in the world. If we can do that, a lot of the work will be done, “said Olic.

The Croatian coach highlights the breadth of the squad and variants of his team. “We have a quality bench and we can achieve a lot from there if things don’t go well. As for the forwards, we tried with Ante Rebic and then with Bruno Petkovic, also with Kramaric, we have Ante Budimir … Bruno played great matches with Croatia in qualifying and they showed it in the last game. It’s very important to us and I hope the forwards will score goals and build their confidence, “said Olic.

Ivica Olic is optimistic in the panorama of the selection in the Eurocopa. “Croatia can do something great in the Euro Cup. Now comes Spain that, like us, had a bad start in the competition. They did not have a good atmosphere but if we look at the last game we can see how good they are. They beat the Slovaks and are full of confidence. It is a game in which there are no favorites and everything is possible in a single game. Let’s go game by game. Let’s overcome this step and see how the competition goes, “said the coach.

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