“I’ve always said that my team put me …”

After achieving a resounding victory against Germany that gives to Spain the ticket to the final phase of the League of Nations, Luis Enrique attended to the media in the press room of The Cartuja.

What have you felt

“The same as all the fans, which is happiness and joy. For us it is very important to regain the path of victory. We are all happy and enjoying it ”.


“Well, I don’t know, you have to ask the fans. In this qualifying phase we have not deserved to lose any game. The numbers are there and everyone can draw their conclusions. In this phase we have deserved more ”.

Step in front of the players

“I would say 26. This is the idea. To impersonate someone would be unfair. Thanks to the defensive work we have managed to prevent the attacking players from appearing and with the offensive we have been able to generate chances. The plan was clear. We do not defend results, we speculate and we continue with our line ”.


“We know which country we are in. We accept any criticism. Sometimes they stimulate you and other times you ignore them. We are not that good now, nor were we so bad before. We have scored 13 goals ”.

Bouquets and Channels

“We believe that they have nothing serious.”

A plan

“With regard to the players, without any doubt an idea is claimed. I said that I was optimistic, that my team put me on and that it was not a pose. We still have players outside who can come and contribute things ”.


“It is evidence that following them at their clubs is fine, but I don’t know what their coach is asking of them. When they come to the national team and play games of this level, it is evident that it will have an impact. Players have to be fit and play on their teams. The message that we can send to that group of 30-35 is that to come to the national team you have to fly in the clubs ”.

Inflection point

“Maybe to get people excited, yes. For someone a bit incredulous too. For the players they know it. We wanted to reach the final phase and that’s what I ask of the players ”.


“I hope it is an impulse, although I have transmitted that what I saw I liked. As a reinforcement I think it comes in handy. Today we have planned the game as a knockout match and I think the team and the players have been outstanding ”.

Unfair to the players

“Not much less. I have already commented that the importance a player has to give to what he can control. People who reach that level are because they know how to endure that pressure. In no case. The fans have never expressed concern or anything to me, quite the opposite. We have always received love and support. Too bad that in a game like this there was no fans ”.

Germany’s weakness

“We have shared wishes before and after the game. Germany is still one of the best. She has come first, without losing, she has put her best eleven, she has put the three most decisive players in the offensive phase … I think that it has been able to influence that 10 players repeated, we have made six changes. We have 26 players who can start ”.