Ivanka Trump returns to Manhattan escorted by the Secret Service

Ivanka Trump, a former White House adviser, returned to New York City for the first time since February.

Daily Mail images show former president’s daughter Donald trump accompanied by Secret Service personnel and wearing relaxed, wide-base jeans, which have become fashionable again.

Unlike her stay in Florida, where she was rarely seen wearing a mask, Ivanka, 39, wore face protection during her day in the city, where restrictions against COVID-19 they are more severe.

It is unknown how many days the one who was called the First Daughter stayed.

The report states that Ivanka was carrying a white leather Chanel clutch with an estimated value of $ 4,700. In addition to wearing sunglasses practically all the time.

It is added that, although they do not have the right to protection Secret Service, the Trumps negotiated to extend the surveillance to the eldest children of the ex-president at the expense of the treasury.

The last time Ivanka was seen in New York City was in February, when she attended her mother’s birthday celebration, Ivana

At the moment, Ivanka lives in Florida, with her husband Jared kushner and his children, in a luxury condominium in the Arte building in Miami.

His goal is to build his dream home on land he bought for $ 32 million on Indian Creek Island.

Ivanka’s firm plans are unknown, but there were reports that she was seeking to compete for a popularly elected position to stay in politics.

As an adviser in the White House, the former president’s favorite daughter promoted a policy to favor women in business, but recent reports indicate that her proposal did not produce the bombastic results that the previous administration boasted.

In February it was also reported that after reporting constant earnings, the Ivanka-Jared couple took a financial hit in 2020 of $ 23.8 million.

The couple reported assets of $ 120 million, according to the information they had to deliver to the White House, which represents a 20% drop in their income a year earlier. In 2019 they had reported 156 million dollars.

According to a Bloomberg News report, officials are only required to disclose the value of their assets and their non-government income.

Despite these losses, the couple is still considered “extremely wealthy”, as their reports indicate assets of up to almost $ 800 million.