The uncomfortable moment that was lived on the air between Ivana Icardi and Luifa Galesio (Infobae)

Luifa Galesio and Ivana Icardi started when together they participated in the 2016 Big Brother. In the most famous house in the country, the relationship was very tense, but over time, Wanda Nara’s sister-in-law fell in love with the footballer, who established himself as the winner of the cycle and she as runner-up. The participants got married and went to live in Italy. They were together for three years, but their relationship ended when the young woman participated in Grande Fratello (Italian version of GH), where she had a brief romance with Gianmarco Onestini, another of the participants of the reality show. Despite the fact that Mauro’s sister ended the relationship, since then, Luifa could not forget the one she considers the love of her life.

In the last hours, both starred in a media show on the air in Save me that is emitted by the signal Telecinco of Spain. The program is highly questioned in that country due to the situations that are seen on the air, which the Spanish call it « Junk TV. » This time, two Argentines were the protagonists of the episode that came out live.

During the broadcast, Welsh appeared by surprise with a bouquet of flowers and in his first words he congratulated his ex-girlfriend for her time on reality Survivors-a kind of Robinson Expedition-. She was shocked and her reaction was somewhat cold. Luifa confessed that she would like to return to her: “I would like to be that person for whom your eyes shine, but if you are happy, I am happy. You were very loyal to me, that’s why to this day I still love you ”. But Ivana couldn’t understand what she was hearing. The young man then produced a ring that he wanted to give him if he decided to return to him.

“You are a great person but when there is no love, I am not going to lie to myself nor am I going to lie to you. I thought you had overcome this story, I now have a partner, « Ivana told her ex-boyfriend

« What are you talking about? », came to ask Icardi several times to Galesio. Anyway, he recognized: “You are a great person but when there is no love, I am not going to lie to myself nor am I going to lie to you. I thought you had overcome this story, I now have a partner, « replied Ivana. The situation was not pleasant for him because it did not seem appropriate what his « lover » was demonstrating knowing that she is currently in a relationship.

Although they are just friends for Ivana, Galesio continues to lose hope that Wanda Nara’s sister-in-law will open her eyes and realize that, in her opinion, Hugo Sierra-current boyfriend of Icardi- he is not in love with her and is manipulating her.

For Luifa, Hugo Sierra is not being honest with Ivana: « He is taking advantage of her and manipulating her, all he cares about is taking advantage of their relationship … I hope he opens his eyes and lets me be the one to make her happy. » “We’re going to create a bad vibe between you and me, and I don’t want uncle. It is very unfair, I am very uncomfortable, « she replied.

The courtship between the Cordoba soccer player and Ivana was so intense that he did not hesitate to tattoo his eyes and a photo of them on his arm: « When people ask me if I am going to erase the tattoo I say no because she has been something very important in my life », Luifa explains.


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