Iván Castelló’s Fridays: The pure gold of Antwerp’s Olympic silver

For a feat that still lasts in the memory of football without an image and that was the motivational engine of that generation, that of the crazy 1920s, which began to discover this sport created by the poor in England and who were already stealing money. rich everywhere. For a triumph of Spain against Sweden that baptized a concept, the ‘Spanish Fury’ (term, by the way, already used in the country during the campaign of the Tercios in Flanders during the 16th century).

At the Olympic Games in Antwerp, the soccer tournament team matched Spain on the way to the silver medal with the Swedish national team. On September 1, in a pass at 55 minutes of Sabino Bilbao Líbano from the band, the mythical phrase “Sabino, to me, the squad, I ran over them” was born in the mouth of the auctioneer with everything: José María Belausteguigoitia Landaluce, ‘ Camioncito ‘(and later’ the lion of Antwerp ‘) for his companions for his physical robustness (1.95 meters, almost 100 kilograms in weight).

And Sabino Belauste (a Basque nationalist who lived in exile in France and then in Mexico) finished with his soul to the point of putting the ball into the goal with four Swedes and himself. A play for history that sums up ambition, willpower, and not just physical, a practical demonstration of wanting is power. Spain beat Sweden 2-1 a few days before beating the Netherlands and securing the silver medal when, then, silver was won by winning the consolation tournament and not losing as is the later rule.

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