“It’s very hard”, Raúl Araiza crying in the middle of the program

“It’s very hard”, Raúl Araiza crying in the middle of the program | Instagram

The beloved actor and television host Raúl Araiza could not take it anymore and in the middle of the program he ended up to tears due to a difficult situation that arose. The famous Black Araiza He was the star guest on Me Caigo de Risa and quite the opposite of this name, he ended up in tears.

It is not that Norma Herrera’s son is going through a hard time in his life, but that Raúl Araiza Herrera He thought he would get away with one of Faisy’s orchestrated games, but it all ended badly for the Today Program host.

Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo’s partner was being part of a team game in which his teammates had to put words on a blackboard in order for Araiza to guess a word, everything seemed fine when the actor from La Desalmada discovered the first one without issue.

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The also conductor of Members on Air He pointed out that his famous classmates must be geniuses since he was pretty bad at these kinds of games. The punishment for his companions if they repeated a word was to put a clothespin on their tongue or nose and the same for Negrito, if he did not guess the word.

The protagonist of Amor Mío was very excited until it was again his turn to guess a word, he thought he would get away with it when he said “peanut”, but everything fell apart when Faisy pointed out that he had received the answer “blown” .

Upon suspicion of the presenter of I fall out of laughter, decided that Raúl Araiza should receive the punishment, which was, a hook in the nose for 10 seconds. The dear driver of Hoy indicated that the hook was very hard and that he was not used to it, his annoyance was notorious and even some tears and color change did not wait on his face.

Araiza eagerly waited the 10 seconds to quickly remove the tweezers, the same time that Faisy spent with some on her tongue, but the latter showed no great despair.

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Many are greatly surprised that the television presenter has time for this type of participation on television since he has many projects going on at the moment. Raúl Araiza is one of the favorite conductors and holders of the Hoy Program, while he also occupies this place in Members on Air and is now part of the cast The soulless, with an important role in the story starring Livia Brito.