Cholo Simeone attended the media after Atlético de Madrid’s defeat against Leipzig 2-1, which means the elimination of the Champions League from the mattress box.

Leipzig superiority

«They won the duels, they won in fouls, in understanding the game and it was difficult for us to insert ourselves into the game. After 1-1 the game was calmer and the second goal appeared that condemned a game that we couldn’t play as we wanted ».

The match

“I am convinced that we gave everything we had. It has been a very tough year. Stoppages, many games in a row, pressure to enter the Champions League, another week unemployed. To raise our heads and prepare for next year.

Penalty to Saúl

No excuse. I liked the rival, determined, with vitality, enthusiasm, freshness… ».


«Convinced that we did everything possible. The footballers surrendered and we had to lose. We gave the maximum and we got to rooms. It would have been nicer to move forward but the rival just passes.