It’s official: Sony prepares a next-gen PS VR for PS5

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Sony decided to bet on virtual reality with PlayStation VR, a viewer that brought the technology to the owners of a PlayStation 4. The company reaffirmed on several occasions that it would not abandon this project, so many expected news about it with the arrival of PlayStation 5.

After several rumors and reports, Sony finally revealed the first details about the future of PlayStation VR. Thanks to this, we know that there will indeed be a next-generation virtual reality viewer.

Through the PlayStation Blog, Hideaki Nishino, Vice President of Platform Planning and Management at PlayStation, shared information on the enhancements planned for the next PlayStation VR.

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What we know about the next PlayStation VR for PS5

Nishino noted that PlayStation VR debuted more than 4 years ago and that since then, PlayStation 4 players have been able to enjoy a wide variety of immersive experiences. They have also worked so that these titles can also be enjoyed on PlayStation 5.

Sony already has a strategy to pursue in this market, so it is planning a next-generation reality system coming to PlayStation 5. Thanks to the potential of the console, the headset will offer an even more complete experience.

The executive said that PS5 and the new VR viewer will offer a significant leap in performance and interactivity. “Players will feel a greater sense of presence and immerse themselves even more in their game worlds once they put on the new headphones,” Nishino said.

Sony’s goal is to continue offering its fans unique experiences through virtual reality. For this reason, they will take into account everything they learned with PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4. The new viewer will have a better resolution, more field of view and tracking functions.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that the peripheral will connect to the PlayStation 5 with a single cable, which will simplify the setup process. All of this will be combined with an enhanced viewing experience.

One of the highlights is that the new device will incorporate some of the key features of the DualSense, the control of PlayStation 5, and great ergonomics, which will allow more comfortable and extended gaming sessions.

Next-gen PlayStation VR won’t arrive this year

If you are a fan of virtual reality and you are excited by the news, take into account that it is a long time before the debut of the new PlayStation VR device. Nishino revealed that there is still a long way to go in the development of this project.

So Sony confirmed that the new PlayStation VR will not debut this year. The company decided to make the announcement in advance because it is already “working on creating new worlds” that players will be able to enjoy thanks to virtual reality.

“With both PlayStation VR and the next-generation virtual reality system we are building, our commitment to virtual reality as a medium for games is stronger than ever,” the company concluded.

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PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide. Look for more news related to the new console and its games at this link.