It is not the first time that Jorge Javier Vázquez has spoken openly about politics or, more specifically, against Isabel Díaz Ayudo, the President of the Community of Madrid. Telecinco’s face did it just a few days ago in the « Buenismo bien » program of Cadena Ser, where he openly criticized the Madrid leader of the PP for promoting a bullfight as a tribute to the toilets.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Jorge Javier Vázquez

This same subject has been the one that has given the impetus to an entry of the presenter against politics in his blog of Readings. « Is it possible to know what crime we Madrilenians have committed to deserve such punishment?« asks Vázquez, who affirms that he thought that Ayuso would commit a blunder that would get her out of politics, but that for a while she has changed her mind. » Not only is he not going to leave, but will win the next elections« 

The host of ‘Sálvame’ has reflected on the « outlandish profiles » that govern Madrid, making mention of Esperanza Aguirre by the advisers to his government who were charged. « Isabel Díaz Ayuso he does not listen, he imposes. Does not dialogue, insults. He does not make speeches, he only resorts to Venezuela. Her intellectual framework is basic and effective: she is the good one and the rest are the bad ones, « criticizes the Catalan.

« I shouldn’t preside over anything »

Vázquez continues his criticism of Díaz Ayuso, assuring that his « main virtue as a policy is to have no, which makes it a multifunctional being because the same may be presiding over a government as a pharmacy. « The presenter of ‘The strong house’ is clear that politics should be far from the Government: » Or what is better: nothing, which is what you really should be doing. Nothing that had to do with influencing the life of any human being. «