The Playstation 5 still on the lips of many people after the controversial presentation the previous week. Although we already know all its specifications, we still need to know other important characteristics that will precisely take advantage of the technical potential. Jason Schreier, a Kotaku reporter with fairly reliable sources within the industry, contributed new details on Sony’s goals with its new hardware.

As Schreier explains, Sony is already in the stage of informing developers about everything that awaits them on a technical level. However, one of the most significant points of the promotion has to do with the efficiency and speed from the PlayStation 5. This is obviously related to the storage system Ultrafast ssd, which according to the company will reach speeds of up to 5.5 GB / s in uncompressed files and up to 9 GB / s when they are compressed.

However, video games will not be the only ones to benefit from speed, also the operating system. Sony’s goal is to make the PS5 as fast and easy to play “as Netflix”, the reporter mentioned. That is access a game immediately knowing that you won’t waste time with annoying loading screens. Of course, the interface will also play a fundamental role in this section; It should be simple and easy to use.

I’ve heard some fascinating things about the PS5 operating system like this: One of the explanations they’ve been giving developers is “Enjoying a PS5 game should be as easy as Netflix. They want to make gamers feel like they can load the Play immediately and know exactly how long it will take them to do a certain activity.

The issue arose because Sony patented a system that allows developers create widgets of your games in the operating system interface. For example, a title like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would have a widget that shows the exact moment you paused the campaign the last time you played, making it possible to instantly resume the session. You could also look at personal stats or a shortcut to start the “Team Duel” matchmaking in multiplayer, “which the user previously selected as their favorite mode.

It would not be anything strange if the above came true, since Sony confirmed last October a feature that closely resembles what is described in the patent: “Although it will be quite fast to start games, we do not want the player to have to start the game, wait , start the game, wait. Multiplayer title servers will provide the console with the set of activities you can join in real time. Single player games will provide information such as what missions you could do and what rewards you would receive for completing them, and all those options will be visible in the user interface. You jump directly to whatever you want“they mentioned at the time.

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