Vivaldi has always been profiled as one of the most interesting alternative browsers out there. It has never tried to be the browser for everyone, but is especially geared towards a particular type of user: the power user, the one who wants a lot of control, a lot of customization and many extras.

In that aspect it has never disappointed but quite the contrary, with each version there are more unique functions that this browser stacks to be a small Swiss Army knife of productivity, and with version 3.1 they have gone as far as to include a note manager that’s closer to being a word processor than a simple notepad function.

Vivaldi 3.1 for Windows, macOS and Linux

From today it is possible to download the new version of Vivaldi for the desktop, and among its new features are improvements in browser speed, not only achieving a somewhat faster start, but better tab management.

In addition to this, new configurable menusIn other words, you can now move your most used actions to the top of the main menu (the Vivaldi Button). You just have to go to the appearance options and choose what you want to see there:

Vivaldi Configurable Menus

That button is also configurable, or you can turn it into a traditional menu bar instead of just showing the icon. You can add or remove the content you want, even things that are not accessible from the main menu.

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The text editor / note manager with cloud sync

Vivaldi Text EditorText Editor Vivaldi

However, the star function of this version is undoubtedly the note manager, which although it is called so is all a text editor with Markdown support and rich text. Vivaldi already allowed taking notes in the sidebar, but now you can use the entire screen to write and add images as attachments by dragging directly from the web or from your disk.

While there is support for formatting text with the included tools or using the Markdown markup language, you can also use it as a WYSIWYG editor, i.e. editing exactly what you see.

Vivaldi Text EditorVivaldi Text Editor

You can use the CTRL + F shortcut to search for text within a note, you have a word and character counter, you can switch to full screen to edit your notes, you have a whole menu to organize notes in folders and you can search in them.

Further, the notes are also synchronized with the other data of your Vivaldi account, so if you also use this browser on another computer or Android, there you will also find your notes.


Vivaldi is more than just a browser: its latest version includes a complete note manager ideal for productivity