It’s jail, Drake says he is guilty of affecting minors

It’s jail, Drake pleads guilty to affecting minors | INSTAGRAM

The famous American actor Drake Bell has pleaded guilty in front of a camera audience and Thursday present for the crime of exposing minors and ab * so to danger during his visit to Cleveland for his concert.

The popular actor who starred Drake and Josh demonstrated with evidence that when the young woman was 15 years old in 2017, the artist put her in danger to spread material about her that would harm her.

Before his guilty plea, the singer also received a verdict of two years of prison by the judge, Timothy McCormick, in addition to three years of conditional freedom, this with the warning that if he relapses into that behavior he will return to the jail to double your sentence.

It is important to mention that July 12 at noon will be when Drake and the young woman will be in front of the judge to decide if the actor will be transferred to jail or they would reach some kind of agreement so that this does not happen.

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In October 2018 the young woman submitted a report to the local police department in Canada about the event that occurred between her and Drake in a Cleveland nightclub.

That was when the inquiries revealed that the then minor said that she had established a relationship with the artist years before in addition to attending his concert in Cleveland that December 2017.

During the hearing, the prosecution considers that Drake violated his duty as a public person and put the victim at risk of harm.

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The prosecutor’s office said the investigation also revealed that months before the concert, Drake was sending inappropriate messages through his social media.

To all this is added that a few days ago another of his ex-girlfriends made statements about him, was in charge of revealing many more evidence against Drake who was also arrested on June 4 in Ohio and left free pending what happened today.

Jimi Ono, one of the actor’s ex-girlfriends, decided to tell his story and reveal that he also has many more tests with minors who have told everything they lived with him.

The young woman was in charge of publishing it through her Tik Tok account where she stated that after being with him for several years in a relationship between 2006 and 2009, he was constantly using verbal and also physical violence.

We will have to wait for what will really happen at the end of it all with Drake Bell, who wanted to move to Mexico and now many theories indicate that he could have been escaping a bit from his actions, only time will tell.

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