“It’s good that she’s pretty”

Joan Mir is still in a bubble. The brand new MotoGP World Champion enjoys and savors a dream he always had as a child. He was always supported and his family resoundingly. Interestingly, her mother has become very popular these days. And it is that Ana Mayrata has dazzled social networks for her beauty.

And what does the pilot think of the news that have come out about his mother? Joan Mir takes it with humor and a joke. He does not mind seeing his mother in the media and responds naturally on this matter: I’ve had this problem all my life. All my life, with all my friends, always with the jokes. It is so. I hoped that over the years it would change a bit, but no. I am not worried. I think it’s a good thing that my mother is pretty.

«Now you understand why I am also handsome. She takes it well, I take it well. It is not a problem”laughed Joan Mir, who is not too concerned about this issue and who prefers to continue enjoying and celebrating his world championship in the premier category of motorcycling.

Ana Mayrata herself, a mother who may not meet the standards but is not unknown, has yet to comment on the matter. production assistant, stylist for TV shows and hotel life style, yoga teacher, and has participated in numerous advertising campaigns. It should be noted that she was responsible for the styling of her countryman Rafa Nadal in the filming of Rafa Nadal Academy, but what Ana Mayrata has made herself known in recent days is through several photographs that circulate on the net in which she dazzles with her beauty, something that Joan Mir boasts far from being bothered by.