“It’s disgusting,” Chumel Torres criticized AMLO’s statements in the case of Salgado Macedonio

The youtuber criticized the statements of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Video: Government of Mexico)

Again, Chumel Torres took up the statements of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his morning press conference to criticize him. This Wednesday, February 17, the influencer criticized the position and response of the president after being questioned about the case of Felix Salgado Macedonio in Guerrero state.

“The rape is serious but we cannot carry out political lynchings”. Repeat this phrase to yourself. Tell them inside. Try not to feel disgusted. You can not? It can not. It sucks. All this. It was done ”, he sentenced through his Twitter account, @Chumel Torres.

During the last weeks, the controversy within the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) has taken hold. The reason is that, despite the accusations against him for having committedacts of sexual and gender violence, the authorities of the party founded by López Obrador have lThe registration of Salgado Macedonio has been validated and validated as a candidate for the governorship of Warrior.

The youtuber said that "it's disgusting" the president's position on the candidacy of Salgado Macedonio (Photo: Instagram @chumeltorres / @_lopezobrador) The youtuber said that the president’s position on the candidacy of Salgado Macedonio “is disgusting” (Photo: Instagram @chumeltorres / @_lopezobrador)

In fact, last Monday, February 15, formalized his aspirations in the entity. Although within the political entity the Honesty and Justice Commission has not issued a position on the viability of its registration, two days ago it was presented to the offices of the Electoral Institute of the State of Guerrero to specify it.

In this regard, this morning the President of the Republic was questioned as to whether the party should consider concluding the investigations before having granted the registration to Salgado Macedonio. He, for his part, refrained from giving his point of view, although he stressed “That are election time and there are accusations of all kinds.”

What’s more, accepted the results of the polls that gave the approval to the former PRD, as they are a reflection of the will of the people. “I think it should be respected because politics is everyone’s business, not the elites. I established, since I was a leader in parties, that the best thing was to carry out surveys to ask people”, He stressed.

Influencer statements (Photo: Twitter @ ChumelTorres) Influencer statements (Photo: Twitter @ ChumelTorres)

He also reiterated that the responsibility to resolve the case lies outside the political sphere. For that reason, Authorities such as the Public Ministry and Judges are the ones who must take charge of determining the guilt or innocence of the politician.

Apart from him, his administration has been considered feminist by militants and even by several of his civil servants. Nevertheless, the voices of groups within the party that have also spoken out against Macedonio’s candidacy have not had an echo in the decision.

A few hours after having established the candidacy before the electoral authorities, militant women and supporters of Morena issued a statement requesting “a clear and certain position of the national leadership of the party and the resolution of the Honor and Justice Commission, with the repeated call to stand on the side of history, on the side of the victims, on the side of women and on the side of justice to not allow a character with multiple accusations of violence to be a candidate of MORENA for any popularly elected position”.

Despite the five complaints against him for sexual abuse, Félix Salgado Macedonio will be a candidate for MORENA for the governorship of Guerrero (Photo: Cuartoscuro) Despite the five complaints against him for sexual abuse, Félix Salgado Macedonio will be a candidate for MORENA for the governorship of Guerrero (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

In the same way, in the document, they make a count of the four requests, letters and protests in which requested that the licensed senator be prevented from participating in the electoral process within the party. Also, on several occasions, they called on Mario Delgado Carrillo, president of the party, and other officials to clarify the case and attend the testimony of the victims of violence.

In addition, on the morning of February 15, the National Collective No Aggressor in Power demonstrated in front of the National Palace to Point out the complicity of the authorities in the event of allowing participation.

Félix Salgado has five complaints of sexual and gender violence. All of them have been testified by the victims and, at least, three have been presented to authorities such as Prosecutors and even the National Human Rights Commission.


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