Its charms overflow! Mia Khalifa wears tight blouse

Its charms overflow!  Mia Khalifa wears tight blouse (Instagram)

Its charms overflow! Mia Khalifa wears tight blouse | Instagram

The ex actress of films for adults Sarah Joe Chamoun, internationally known as Mia Khalifa shared on her Instagram a recent photograph in which she appears showing her enormous charms while wearing a tight blouse that causes it to appear that they are “overflowing with her”.

The young social media celebrity Mia Khalifa with each of her posts manages to take a step further in popularity on Instagram and Twitter if she has not also been involved with the content she has shared.

During years Mia khalifa has surprised her fans and not only for her flirtatious publications but for the fact that she has become much more independent and mature, especially when defending her person, this has caused her to provide help to other women who like her in at the time they suffered from abuse by their partners just as it happened to her long ago.

From what we have seen in her publications, the model and also a businesswoman has several friends, of whom on some occasions she has boasted on Instagram through Photographs, they are related to your most recent snapshot.

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In the description of the image he is referring to his “OnlyFriends”, these would probably be the different people he has met on his OnlyFans page.

This is due to the fact that she herself in a publication she shared on Instagram on September 25, 2020 where she appears in a black swimsuit, Mia Khalifa appreciated the welcome she had received just a week after opening her account, later she mentioned that in this new community she felt empowered and as if she had a new family.

That is why today she gives so much importance to her OnlyFans where she feels free and respected by other people, especially by women, who at the time came to criticize her a lot after it was known that she had participated in films for adults.

In the image she shared, she appears sitting in a long gray armchair, Mia Khalifa is in her living room enjoying the warm sunlight that filters through the window and bathes her beautiful face, the model took the selfie with one of her hands while the other rested on her abdomen.


The interesting thing about the photograph is that he is wearing it seems the type of clothes you wear to sleep, he was wearing a short top with thin straps in red, in addition to a short also quite short in gray, both of cotton fabric, however The most striking part of the image is that the beautiful model let her huge charms above her blouse which seems to be a bit too tight on her.

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Nine hours have passed since he shared this photograph, accumulating more than a million like’s and also more than 5,500 comments, among which the most appear are emojis of hearts and also faces with heart eyes without leaving aside the thousands of “I love you “that Mia Khalifa has received from Internet users.

As you surely know, Mia Khalifa is originally from Beirut, Lebanon, however when she was 9 years old she and her family moved to the United States, although she has always been proud of her roots, so it is not a surprise that she also has admirers from her country. of origin, this for the writings with Arabic languages ​​that we find in the comment box.