“It’s already been done”, Andrea Legarreta exposes Hoy’s driver

“It’s already been done”, Andrea Legarreta exposes Hoy’s driver | Instagram

“I know c …”, that was the expression that Andrea Legarreta Martinez He could not contain it and left a colleague in the middle of the Today Program more exposed. Fortunately what happened was not exactly what the beautiful Andy said, but the dear Paul stanley he had problems with his pants.

Serious problems were those that Paco Stanley’s son presented with his pants, which was part of his wardrobe to impersonate a charro on the dance floor of The Stars Dance Today.

The beloved couple made up of Paul Stanley and Tania Rincón did not have their best presentation when developing folklore, all as a result of their wardrobe. From his dance, it was more than evident that Stanley was very uncomfortable and that he could not dance properly; something that neither Andrea Legarreta not everyone present could go unnoticed.

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When appearing before the judges, Galilea Montijo and Legarreta quickly questioned their fellow driver and participant in the dance contest if he was okay, Paul said that he had serious problems with his pants.

Galilea indicated if the problem is that the actor had also gained weight, something that he denied; however, he claimed to be very uncomfortable and tight in the suit. Andrea Legarreta assured that he suffered while watching them dance, in addition that he remembered that Stanley had complained of stomach problems, for which he assured he thought that his charrito had already relieved himself on the dance floor.

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I said ‘what happened to my charrito?’, I mean I already know c …, Andrea Legarreta shared with laughter.

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The so-called candy judge highlighted what Lolita Cortés had previously said about the participants having to rehearse with the necessary shoes and clothing to be comfortable on the dance floor, for his part, Latin Lover did not place much emphasis on this and yes on that It reminded him of the festivals at school and assured that Rincón looked very good with the skirt.

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Who was not silent at all was Lolita Cortés, who once again asked that they rehearse with what was necessary and scolded Latin Lover for saying that they had done very well since she pointed out “it was missing zapateado”, said that it was not heard as it should and that more desire was lacking on the part of the couple, the consequence: a 5, on the part of the iron judge.

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