It’s all over: Kanye West stops following Kim Kardashian’s sisters on Instagram

A couple of days ago the Kardashian-Jenner used social networks to congratulate Kanye West on his birthday with messages of affection that they came to demonstrate who continued to consider him one of the family despite his divorce from Kim.

In fact, the media clan has a lot of experience dealing with the former romantic partners of its members: Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney’s three children, remains very close to both his former sisters-in-law and his mother-in-law and they all knew how to forgive basketball player Tristan Thompson after Khloé decided to give him a second chance. after his infidelities.

However, it seems that Kanye is not interested in receiving the same treatment because he has now stopped following all of his former wife’s sisters on Instagram, although for the moment he has not done the same with Kim.

The virtual sphere was the means that the musician used to publicly attack his in-laws throughout the past year, coinciding with his controversial electoral campaign. Kanye criticized in especially harsh terms Kris Jenner, whom he had previously considered a second mother, stating that he would never allow his own daughter to pose for Playboy, as Kim did at the time, and also comparing her with the leader of North Korea by referring to her as ‘Kris Jong-Un’.

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