“It’s a lie, they are such for which”

The actress of Empire of Lies revealed that she has wanted to take Luciano Y Carlo to the Prison, but has not succeeded because “it is not like taking them to an amusement park.”

Leticia Calderón, Carlo and Luciano Collado.

Leticia Calderón with her children Carlo and Luciano Collado, during the trip that allowed them to process Juan’s arrest. (Instagram / Leticia Calderón)

“I’m in the best position to take the kids, but I also want people to understand that it’s not taking them to Six Flags; It is a tough place, it is an experience that would be strong and if I have been with them one hundred percent in all responsibilities, it is up to me to take them at least the first time and be with them and support them ”, he assured.

“It’s also not so easy to go, introduce myself like this out of nowhere and say ‘Hi, I’m here, open me up.’ From the first day I have been insisting on going to see Juan with the children and it has not been possible; I am tired of searching by all means to visit him, I understand that he will have his reasons, but I cannot insist on something that has been denied me, “he said. Lety Calderon.


Juan Collado with his children, Luciano and Carlo. (Instagram)

On the plea of Yadhira of letting the children go to visit their father, the actress replied: “It is a lie, they are such for which, I have always wanted my children to be close to their father and I will confess it, if at any time we have discussed Juan and I have been because of that ”.

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