“It’s 1,000 Years Old”: Here’s What a Former US Military Chief Said About UFO Technology

For june of this year Heads of various intelligence agencies in the United States are expected to report to Congress on the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) or UFOs. Before that happens, the former head of weapons for the US Navy aircraft carrier, Sean Cahill, explained how advanced the technology was that he observed when he was on duty.

Before leaving the White House, Donald Trump signed a request for which the Pentagon must provide all the information it has about the UFO phenomenon or UAP, as they call it to avoid ambiguities. As the first months of Joe Biden’s administration have passed, that deadline is approaching and there is growing expectation for the information that may become available.

During the Barack Obama administration, Sean Cahill served as chief weapons officer for the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Princeton. In a recent interview with the CNN news network, he explained the magnitude of what he witnessed directly.

“In 2004 I was the chief weapons officer aboard the USS Prince. The technology that we witnessed with the Tic-Tac UFO is something that we would not have been able to defend ourselves against at the time, ”said Cahill.

Given the tenor of the interviewee’s statement, the journalist Chris Cuomo wanted to go further and asked him to elaborate on the progress (or danger) of what he had witnessed and asked him to translate it into plain language. Without hesitation, Cahill put into figures what he considered about the so-called ‘five observables’: “It is a technology that exceeds our current arsenal by at least 100 to 1,000 years.”

“First of all, the aircraft had no control surfaces. It had no detectable means of propulsion. It moved at hypersonic speeds and preceded the pilots to their Combat Air Patrol (CAP) rendezvous point. It seemed as if they knew where our pilots were going ahead of time. We do not have those skills today, “he differentiated.

Along with Cahill, former Deputy Defense Under Secretary for Intelligence Christopher Mellon explained why they should be more concerned about such sightings. “We have had recurring violations in our airspace [por los Estados Unidos] by unidentified vehicles. This is not something new and he celebrated that Congress is beginning to react ”, he concluded.

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