Itatí Cantoral dances on façades, without makeup and boasts one of her great loves. | Instagram Special

Itatí Cantoral dances on façades, without makeup and boasts one of her great loves, in addition to the talent he has inherited. Confirm that mature and elegant women they are beautiful despite the passage of time.

Just a few days after having revealed some details of his next soap opera “La Mexicana y el Güero”, next to Juan Soler, Itatí Cantoral He resumed his quarantine activities at home with his three children.

In past days we saw her in a striking enough outfit to do her exercises, because Itatí Cantoral Insists that a healthy life is the key to beauty and eternal youth. With several years of experience and three children, two of whom are already all university students, Itatí continues to look very beautiful, even naturally.

Recently we also saw her in “Silvia … in front of you”, autobiographical soap opera of the great Silvia Pinal which was reissued and where Itatí Cantoral personified the great Mexican actress in her adult stage.

A moment of fun with Itatí Cantoral

They say that a self-confident woman is not intimidated by who sees her and simply enjoys what life offers. It seems that Itatí Cantoral He has followed that advice and now we see him do a fun dance again video next to his youngest daughter María Itatí, who is practically identical to his famous mother.

Like other celebrities, for Itatí Cantoral it has been impossible to refuse his daughter’s request to appear at his side in social networks. It is a video of TikTok the one who has given what to talk about how beautiful Itatí Cantoral looks despite being in pajamas and without makeup.

The video published in the Instagram official of Itatí Cantoral recently has generated all kinds of comments, but the vast majority highlight the beauty of Itatí, the resemblance to his daughter and how good they are both for the dance. Remember that Itatí Cantoral not only acts, but has danced and sung in various projects.

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