Italy’s Euro Cup Italy’s debut against Turkey | National teams

Italy will have a luxurious task, not only to be in the Eurocup, it will open the contest against Turkey at the Olympic stadium in Rome. An event that has not been the most familiar for a team that in recent years has suffered several setbacks, with the memory of the elimination of Russia still alive, marking a turning point in Italian football. The renewal of this selection is in process, in each of its lines it is reflected with the arrival of new talents.

It should be noted that in their call, the vast majority are members of Serie A, with the exception of Jorginho, Chelsea and Florenzi from PSG. Even from the arch with Donnarumma who is the owner of the arch, inherited by Buffon himself. Bonucci, Chiellini, Veratti, Insigne and Inmobile are those called to contribute with experience to a team that is growing.

And it is that Bonucci himself said it, the elimination of Russia, was taken as an opportunity to improve and grow as a group. In the first phase of the Eurocup they will share an area with Switzerland, Turkey and Wales, based on the Stadio Olímpico, without having to leave Italy.

But it is that the memory of the Italians in Euro already appears in black and white. Since 1968 they do not know what it is to be European champions. In that edition, they defeated Yugoslavia in the repeat match of the grand final, with a team under the command of Dino Zoff, Facchetti, Mazzola, Rivera and company. The coincidence is that in that group stage, it also coincided with Switzerland.

Luck has not been in favor of the Italians, as they lost the 2000 and 2012 titles against France and Spain respectively. That against the ‘Gauls’ was with the remembered golden goal, implemented for a time in world football, while against the ‘red’ it was a resounding defeat by four goals.

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