The Italian Competition and Markets Authority announced that it has launched six investigations against some of the world’s leading cloud computing service operators. Those involved are Google, Apple and Dropbox.

The investigations have been launched after receiving numerous complaints alleging unfair business practices by the storage services of those companies: Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Google and Apple would have failed to indicate the collection and use of user data for commercial purposes

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All the services involved are being investigated by misconduct and / or violations of the Consumer Rights Directive, and Dropbox is also investigated for alleged vexatious clauses included in the contractual conditions.

The misconduct investigations against Google and Apple refer to the failure in the presentation of the service at the time of indicate the collection activity of the data provided by users and its use for commercial purposes.

In the attempt to become the app for everything, Dropbox has lost the simple essence that made it shine

In addition to this, they are being investigated for possibly unduly influencing consumers, who, in order to use their cloud storage services, would not be in a position to express to the operator their consent to the collection and use for commercial purposes of the information that it concerns them.

Dropbox is accused of this and in addition to not providing clear and accessible information immediately on the terms and procedures to terminate the contract and exercise the right to reconsider. Also not to allow the user the easy use of extrajudicial mechanisms for conciliation of disputes, nor the necessary instructions to access them.

Dropbox are also being investigated for the possible presence of vexatious clauses in the contractual conditions. Things like the wide capacity that these services have to suspend or stop the service, make unilateral changes in the conditions of the contract, the responsibility in the event of loss of documents stored in the user’s cloud, and also the prevalence of the English version. of the contract instead of the Italian version.

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