Italy and Belgium join France as rivals of Spain in the ‘Final Four’ of the League of Nations

The Spanish selection You already know your rivals from the final phase of the League of Nations which will be held in October 2021. Those of Luis Enrique they will play a final to four where their opponents are France, world champion, the Belgium from Hazard Y Courtois and Italy. In fact, although it is not official yet, it is most likely that the last round of this tournament will be played in transalpine territory.

France was the first to reach the final phase of the League of Nations after leading with authority Group 3 of League A, where they beat Portugal, current and only champion of this tournament to date, Croatia and Sweden, who have declined.

On the other hand, Italy met the forecasts and defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-2 on the last day to be the leader of group 1, leaving the Netherlands and Poland out. Belgium, meanwhile, beat Denmark 4-2 to get his ticket in a group that was also England.

It should be noted that This final phase will be unprecedented in terms of the participating teams, since none of the four were present in Portugal in the summer of 2019. On December 3, UEFA will hold a pure draw where the semifinals will be known, which will be played on October 6 and 7, 2021, while the final and the match for third place will be held on October 10.