Italy adds 753 deaths from coronavirus in one day, the worst figure since April | Cover page

Italy has added 753 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, the worst figure since April 3 and slightly higher than Tuesday, and brings the total number of deaths since February to 47,217, when the national emergency began, reported today the Italian Ministry of Health.

Since Tuesday there have been 34,282 new infections and the total number of cases of infected by the virus is 1,272,352.

24,169 people have been cured in the last 24 hours. Hospitalized patients continue to increase, which are already 33,504 nationwide (430 plus on the last day), and 3,670 patients are in intensive care units (up 58).

Of the more than 34,000 newly infected, Lombardy, the region most affected by the pandemic, has reported 7,633; and behind it were Campania (3,657) and Piedmont (3,281), while the rest of the regions had less than 3,000 new cases.

Experts appreciate a slight improvement in the contagion curve, but the high number of hospitalized and deceased calls not to lower our guard, while much of the country, both in the north and in the south, remains confined as a “red zone” by the high transmission of the virus.

As of today, a new region, Abruzzo, in the center of the country, has been confined after being classified as a “red zone” or high risk of contagion of COVID-19, and it is speculated that the next one will be southern Apulia.

Meanwhile, the Italian Government is trying to find a person in charge of health in Calabria – which was intervened years ago – after the third who was elected in just two weeks resigned on Tuesday a few hours of your appointment.

The Calabria region has few cases. This Wednesday it reported 936 new infections and since February it has only added 12,006 infections compared to the more than 340,000 in Lombardy, but its hospital system is very precarious.