Italian power forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Danilo Gallinari, contacted the Oklahoma City County Health Department to provide funds to enable them to purchase 400 coronavirus test kits, as well as protective equipment for health personnel such as face protectors, gloves, gowns and masks.

03/28/2020 at 09:00



The focus will be on high-risk peoplesuch as healthcare workers, first responders, people over 65 and immunocompromised people.

According to information offered by the player himself and the Oklahoma City health authorities, the material could start arriving from next week.

Gallinari He said that the time had come for all the people who could help in this difficult situation to do so immediately.

“It is my personal and moral commitment to help materially so that other people who do not have and suffer the devastating effects of the epidemic can benefit and overcome the crisis,” he said. Gallinari. “In addition, I also want to be an example with the quarantine that I strictly follow as ordered by the authorities.”

Furthermore she referred to everything that was happening in his country, Italy, and said that his thoughts are permanent with his relatives in France and Italy.

“Know what is happening in my country and what my family has been going through in France and Italy, if I can help mitigate or at least avoid some of the problems we had in the beginning in Italy, and we can do better here at OKC and the United States in general, that’s good. ” Gallinari, who plays his first season with the Thunder after being traded by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Gallinari He said that he had had to personally experience the first positive of the coronavirus that gave the French center Rudy Gobert, of the Utah Jazz, 15 minutes before his Thunder team met on March 11, and that for only 15 minutes actions were not initiated.

As of that moment, the party was suspended and also the league competition, something that Gallinari He said he is calm, in addition to having been quarantined when in contact with the Jazz players.

Gallinari He said that it was not being very difficult to be accompanied by his fiancĂ©e. Stick to a strict exercise plan once or twice a day, and the rest is spent cooking and watching movies on Netflix. “If I were alone,” he admitted it would have been much more complicated and difficult.

But what really has him in great moral pain is everything that is happening in his country, Italy, where he said that he already knows of “too painful” cases, despite the fact that as his family have been in quarantine for more than a month.

But some of his close friends have been affected, including a childhood best friend who lost his grandmother and a former teammate who lost his mother on Thursday.

“It is a difficult situation, and I could tell you many unpleasant stories, in terms of deceased people or people I know (best friends, family) who have been affected by the virus,” he said. “The stories keep popping up every day, every hour.”

After witnessing the problems your country faced with the outbreak, Gallinari was one of the first professional athletes to speak about the need to close pavilions and stadiums in the United States.

“He was not predicting anything or he was not a magician, he was just telling everyone what was happening in Italy, it was also very possible in the United States,” he stressed. Gallinari. “Fortunately Adam Silver did an amazing job closing everything right away, so we did not go through phase two. We don’t even play fanless games. “

Gallinari He reiterated that “after what happened, it was great that he did what he did and stopped everything. It was the right thing. So I’m glad. It’s been difficult, but as players we’ve been in quarantine since March 11, so we started the quarantine that night. “