Sunday 05 July, 2020

The coach who had steps at Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile in our country, told the reasons why he did not arrive at the Monumental Stadium to succeed Mario Salas last February. He also acknowledged that there were approaches to reach Macul.

Technical director Martín Lasarte clarified the details of his non-arrival at Colo Colo to be the replacement for Mario Salas in February of this year, where he admitted that there was a rapprochement between the parties.

« It is such a great team, I think there is only one case of someone who directed the big three, it would have been fantastic to direct Colo Colo, but unfortunately there was an issue here (in Montevideo) that did not allow me to leave Uruguay and in pain I said no to Harold Mayne-Nicholls, « said the strategist in an interview with the YouTube channel » Conversando. « 

Along these lines, the former DT from Real Sociedad added that “he had received some messages from Chilean telephones and one of them was from Marcelo Espina. The truth was my mistake, because you have to say things as they are, because I assumed that you knew my answer from the previous conversation with Harold and I did not answer him. I should have answered and it was something that was missing from me, I have to admit it ».

Lastly, the Uruguayan revealed that he wanted Esteban Paredes when he was a coach for Nacional de Montevideo. “We loved him and we were finding out, but his arrival was impossible. We value the possibility of Esteban, we analyzed it, but there was an immediate response, being impossible from the economic point of view, « he said.