It would be Renata Notni with whom Diego Boneta premieres romance

It would be Renata Notni with whom Diego Boneta premieres romance (Instagram)

It would be Renata Notni with whom Diego Boneta premieres romance | Instagram

Apparently, the actor Diego Boneta and the actress Renata Notni would be releasing a torrid romance as it became known recently, this, after the protagonist of the authorized bioseries of “Luis Miguel: The Series“He will end his relationship with the Chilean Mayte Rodríguez.

The native of Cuernavaca, Renata notni is a well-known television actress in Mexico who began her career in the medium from a young age, and apparently, now is the new partner of the most popular actor who plays the so-called “Sol de México”.

This would be confirmed by a well-known entertainment journalist, who in recent days shed light on this new news.

Diego Boneta has fallen in love with a beautiful woman who is 26 years old and who has starred in several soap operas and her name is Renata Notni ”, revealed Álex Kaffie during the transmission of the program Here with you on Heraldo TV.

Apparently, the couple still have no intention of publicizing their relationship, since a month after becoming boyfriends they would consider that it is better to wait for everyone to find out about this new relationship, says the journalist, Alex Kaffie.

It also adds, Diego Boneta and Renata Notni have made the decision to wait a while to announce it, a period of three months, specifies the communicator, through his column “Sin Lisonja”.

They have decided by mutual agreement not to publicize the romance until they are three months old, but we already said it, no way. Long live love! ”Added the communicator.

Although the news today already occupies all the headlines, the fans and followers of the actor hope to know more details about this news very soon. So very soon, the popular couple from the show could end up screaming their love to the Four Winds!

On the other hand, in recent days, the 30-year-old actor, Diego Boneta, was in the middle of a great controversy, this after just last 2020, Camila sodi confirm the relationship that existed between the two.

It should be remembered that Diego and Camila act together in the authorized bioseries of “Sol” launched through Netflix, which has not only generated great controversy for the singer Luis Miguel, but also the protagonists of this story.

Camila Sodi, who gives life to “Erika“In the series, playing the role of (Isabela Camil) actress and Jaime Camil’s sister, she is one of the couples that had an important significance in the life of Luis Miguel, an intense love that many of the followers of the story would have expected to transcend screens.

However, in the midst of so many rumors and versions about their relationship, both Diego and Camila ended up clarifying that this was “solely and exclusively work.”

Who is Renata Notni?

The Mexican actress has placed herself in the spotlight on the news that she has a torrid affair with Diego Boneta.

At 26, Notni has a well-known acting career after having appeared in several stories, some of them are Zip code, A hook to the heart, “Sea of ​​love”, “The force of destiny”, “Sweetheart “, “I want to love you”.

His first leading role was in 2015 with the soap opera “Amor de barrio”, and in that same year he participated in the Spanish series “Yo quisiera”, in 2016 another opportunity to star in “Sueño de amor” and a year later “My adorable damn”.

Her career has led her to be recognized by the KCA México and TVyNovelas awards, without a doubt, today she has become an actress who is constantly on the rise.

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