It would be Cruella, Pinocchio and Peter Pan exclusive premieres of Disney +

Cruella, Pinocchio and Peter Pan would be exclusive premieres of Disney + (AP)

Cruella, Pinocchio and Peter Pan would be exclusive premieres of Disney + | AP

Everything seems to indicate that things are really changing for the film business, since the company of Disney he would be about to make new decisions regarding his next releases, something that could benefit him of course.

This is news that could surely be one of the most shocking, as the Deadline medium has reported that Disney is seriously considering brand new some of his films most anticipated direct to your streaming platform Disney +.

In addition, it is important to mention that this news comes just one day after Warner Bros. announced that the long-awaited movie “Wonder Woman 1984” will be released in theaters and at the same time on HBO Max, and months after Disney announced that “Mulán” would not go through theaters, but would go straight to a premium service.

The outlet also notes that a final decision has not been made so far, however, the uncertainty about how long it will be until the world returns to normal and movie theaters are no longer a risk, has led executives to consider that form of release that so upset theater owners a few months ago when it was announced that “Mulan” would be the exclusive premiere of Disney +.

In this way the films that Disney is considering to reach Disney + are “Cruella“,”Pinocchio” Y “Peter Pan and Wendy“.

The first is a revisionist version of the character from “101 Dalmatians”, in the style of “Maleficent”; “Pinocchio” is the live-action remake of the Disney classic and has the direction of Robert Zemeckis and the participation of Tom Hanks; the last one is the live-action remake of “Peter Pan”.

As if that weren’t enough, Deadline also clarified that there is no certainty about whether these movies will cost extra for users of Disney +, as was the case with Mulan, or if they can be seen for free.

However, it is a serious blow to cinema chains and independent cinemas, which are struggling to survive in the worst crisis in history for the industry.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic is creating new trends that theater owners will have to get used to, adapt or unfortunately die, some people would say.

Countless movies are suffering the consequences of not reaching theaters, however, that could benefit studios considerably.

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On the other hand, and talking about Disney movies, in “Cruella“We will see Emma Stone as the lead actress, an actress who in recent years has done quite well for the Hollywood industry.

It is worth mentioning that the actress has managed to climb with notable roles in high-impact films, many of them awarded in the most recognized ceremonies of the awards season and that is how very soon we will see her become Cruella de Vil, the villain ad fashionable and obsessed with making herself a Dalmatian dog fur coat.

Disney rushed to release “Mulan” at the beginning of last September, but the decision was not so well taken by the public and by the chains, especially due to the decision to place a price even on the users of the platform.

However, with the novelty of these premieres designed for streaming, perhaps they could take a very different and better thought direction, very similar to what was done by Warner Bros. and “Wonder Woman 1984”.

Unfortunately, the ways of going to the movies are changing and maybe this will be forever, apparently the results are just around the corner and we will only have to adapt to the new normal.

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