Education Minister Raúl Figueroa does not give up in his efforts to normalize school activities to the extent that the pandemic allows. This morning, he insisted that « the goal is for schools to open as much as possible » and warned that « it would be an aberration to close the door to those attorneys. »

Interviewed on Tele13Radio, the Secretary of State reiterated the thesis that « although all necessary efforts are made to accompany and improve the distance education process, there is an absolute consensus that, in school matters, face-to-face classes are irreplaceable. »

However, he argued that « for some sectors, there is no will to even work to make that possible », alluding to the position adopted by the College of Professors and parliamentarians.

« To try to put as an argument that what is done is to point to the opening of schools with a view to supporting the business sector, is to ignore reality, » he added.

In fact, yesterday the president of the union, Mario Aguilar, commented on Twitter that he exhibited at the Covid-19 Table. “I pointed out that we want to resume classes in schools, but when the conditions that guarantee people’s health are ensured. The vast majority of the table supported our proposal, except for the Minister of Education who refuses to form a table ”, said the leader, directly addressing the Ministry of Education.

The experience of Europe

Figueroa is aware that the issue of back to school does not attract public support either. According to surveys such as the Data Influye of August, 79% declare themselves against returning to face-to-face classes throughout Chile and 17% say that it is necessary to evaluate case by case.

However, according to the authority, « although there is a limited number who want to return, it is important that for them, as sanitary conditions are met, the establishments are available. »

« What is not reasonable is that, having parents who need to send their children because they know that this is causing them a deterioration, there are others who deny that possibility, » he added.

The minister gave the case of Europe as an example. “The experience is positive. Although there is a closure of schools, which will be inevitable, those that close are specific establishments ”, he indicated.

However, in France, 15 days ago the reopening of schools began, but it has had to close 81 schools and 2,100 classes in two weeks due to coronavirus cases.