As much as it may seem boring, unusual or even pathetic to many to see a concert through a video game, there are millions more who really enjoy it. The music industry is one that is constantly on the move. Both the sounds that its history has left and its platforms of diffusion are two different rivers that quickly descend a mountain to flow into the same sea.

Today, music is connected more than ever with the digital world, and it’s only logical to see how they come together more and more. Although the coronavirus and its repercussions have made life on the Internet the biggest boom in its history, the relationship between music and video games was imminent and unstoppable for years.

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Everything was confirmed on April 23 when the rapper Travis Scott accumulated 12 million people connected over three days to witness Astronomical, a “unique musical journey” and launching his song “The Scotts” inside Fortnite, one of the most popular video games in the world.

Here is the most interesting … How not to turn to see this new phenomenon in the entertainment industry? 12 million people is absolutely crazy. And do you know why he did it? For the majesty of the concert they delivered …

Travis Scott Launches Full Concert at Fortnite ‘Astronomical’

It did not matter if you were a fan of Travis Scott, it did not matter if you were a fan of Fortnite, it did not matter the morbidity that caused one of the greatest artists in the world to decide to release a song in a video game. What they both delivered was a piece of digital art. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this.

Travis Scott in Fortnite. / Photo: Special

Since then, we have been wanting to see more. From seeing the world of music and video games expand their world to the creative and technological limits that exist. And if we are honest, we would like to see it with some artists in particular who could develop in a majestic way in Fortnite. Therefore, here is our list of artists to hang out in those places on the Internet.

5 artists we wish they had a concert at Fortnite


A metal concert in Fortnite? Yes please. And even more if it is about the Metallica legends. In 1991 Hetfield, Hammett, Ulrich and Jason Newsted played in Moscow, Russia for 1.6 million people. Hetfield remembers that day as playing for “an endless sea of ​​people.” Now why not raise that number by several million more?

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I can’t imagine a place other than the internet to do it, and Fortnite has everything we need to see that madness. If you could see what they did with Travis Scott, you can get an idea that the possibilities are endless. Having them in giant size at 4 playing more strikeout than ever while evading against a meteor shower? It can…

Let their clogged tracks touch as the world begins to collapse due to earthquakes and natural disasters… Yes, why not. Imagination is the limit and few things would be better than giving the headbang some time with a literally otherworldly visual experience.

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Who said that mixing times is a bad idea? Music and technology is about that and that’s why it’s getting better (the latter is a matter of opinion). The great artists of all time innovated. They grabbed sounds from here, from there, and told their story.

The same with technology. The cell phones with which you are reading this are an accumulation of knowledge obtained over hundreds of years of technological evolution. As a fact, your cell phone is millions of times more powerful than Apollo 11, the ship with which Neil Amstrong set foot on the moon for the first time.


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Now let’s imagine. A world created by the atmosphere of The Beatles. Hundreds of yellow submarines floating in the sky, with a giant figure of Paul playing his iconic bass. Suddenly, the chords for “Come Together” start playing and the original lineup appears giving you a private concert.

The atmospheres would change. The visuals would be crazy, but the vibe would stay the same. The vibe that only The Beatles emanates with so much power: love and peace.

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The music and visual aesthetics of the French electronic duo is ideal to send us to another planet thanks to Fortnite technology. After awarding us Woman Worldwide in 2018 to win the Grammy for Best Dance / Electronic Music Album, and three years later their complementary space project IRIS: A Space Opera by Justice, they became the most innovative electronic group on the planet.

Can you imagine seeing the visual aesthetics of IRIS taken to the uncertain limits of the world of video game programming? They could create a completely surreal space world. They could take us into a world of aesthetic perfection to create one of the most interesting visual shows you could find out there.

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Lady Gaga

No place in this world or you can imagine is too big for Lady Gaga. And the truth is that we can only imagine bits of what could be a Gaga show in which the limits are only her imagination.

If you left us as you left us with The Monster Ball Tour from 2009-2011 or The Born This Way Ball from 2012-2013, We already want to imagine what he could propose to make a show of Chromatica, his next studio album. A sky of millions of colors melting in our eyes? We start there. An absolutely delirious choreography and thousands of things stealing our breath with every breath … It definitely feels like it!

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Billie eilish

At her young age (18 years old) Billie Eilish has accomplished almost everything. She changed the game of pop music, won 5 Grammys in the 2020 installment, is considered by many artists as the most innovative musician in recent years, and its name has been deservedly around the world.

Now to be able to see the dozens of millions of people give a concert in Fortnite as a seal of what their generation is, it would be truly incredible. We would like to be amazed once again with whatever your imagination wants to do for a concert without limits.

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