© Brendan Smialowski
Trump and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

He President Donald Trump he maintained his position of underestimating what science says about climate change during his visit to California, one of the west coast states affected by the fires.

Trump landed on Monday at McClellan Park Air Force Base, near Sacramento, where as soon as he got off the plane, he said the state needs « Good and strong forest management », something that he recalled that he has been asking for three years, in clear allusion to the local authorities, mostly Democrats.

When questioned by journalists whether he believed that the climate change was a factor in the declaration and rapid spread of these devastating fires, he replied that « many things are possible. »

But perhaps the most tense moment was when the California Secretary of Natural Resources Wade Crowfoot, urged Trump to believe in science during the round table that the president had with the governor Gavin Newsom and other officials.

« If we ignore science and put our heads in the sand believing that it is only about forest management, we are not going to be successful in protecting Californians, » Crowfoot said.

Trump replied: «  » It will get cold, you’ll see. « 

Those present laughed at the president’s remarks but Crowfoot insisted on listening to science.

« Hopefully science agrees with you, » the official said, to which Trump quickly responded with a « I really don’t think science knows ».


Trump’s remarks come after Joe Biden called him a « climate arsonist. »