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Rita Johal is the mother of two children with the player Riyad Mahrez, and there are those who point out that both have been separated for a few months

The wife of Riyad Mahrez, Manchester City footballer, Rita Johal is being a trend and this beautiful woman is an expert in attracting the attention of many, because in recent days she has become the center of controversy after being fined for giving a party without complying with the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

This motivated Rita johal to use her social networks to explode against the authorities, explaining that she was fined for being « too sexy », something that caused a lot of comments and reactions from her followers.

Rita johal She was reprimanded at an illegal party in a London flat, and since then she has starred in all kinds of information related to the controversy, and she also shared the clip in which she was fined. Given this, her husband, the Manchester City player, was silent and as if it were a campaign to conquer more followers, the woman wanted to take advantage of this moment of fame by joining the platform that is in trend: ‘OnlyFans’.

Rita johal you will have exclusive content for your followers. Capture Instagram

Rita johal He wanted to announce to his more than 500,000 followers that he has reached this platform where he will sell exclusive content -and risen- to all those who pay a fee of 8 pounds per month -9.20 euros-.

Come to the world of Rita, where you will see the most personal and intimate Rita, with exclusive content and music, « wrote Riyad Mahrez’s wife in her latest post, encouraging her followers to subscribe to her OnlyFans account and sharing a video in which she is shown in clothes inside.

While, in his stories, he also acknowledged that he will publish exclusive content posing like nowhere else has he done. Rita Johal is the mother of two children with the player Riyad mahrez, and there are those who point out that the two have been separated for a few months.

Oriana Sabatini reaffirms her bisexuality and Paulo Dybala is silent

Singer, actress, and model Oriana sabatini, made news in the last hours after revealing on his social networks that he is bisexual; while he claimed to be against labels. The 24-year-old woman lives in Italy with the Vecchia Signora star, Paulo Dybala, and in a round of questions and answers on Instagram she gave details of her relationship with the Argentine as well as her own sexual orientation.

« You’re bisexual, » wrote a follower in the true and false box, to which the singer replied: « true? » If you have to put a label on it, I guess so. However, this is not the first time Oriana Sabatini refers to his intimate life, because a few years ago in an interview with Clarín he had already commented something similar.

I’m not a lesbian. That I know I like men. What I said is that the most important thing is the people. When you like someone, it is their soul, it does not go through the image or whether it is a man or a woman. I do not know if I am a lesbian or bisexual but I do not want to be prejudiced, « he commented on that occasion. Oriana Sabatini.