The coronavirus crisis is also now a reality in the United Kingdom and many are beginning to look back to try to look for the consequences of the expansion of Covid-19. One of them is the mayor of liverpool who puts his sights on the Champions League match that I faced the Reds against Atlético de Madrid two weeks ago.

Joe Anderson remembers that asked that the trips of Atlético de Madrid fans not be allowed, something that did not succeed. “We argued at the time that it was very strange that Madrid fans were not allowed to enter their own stadium, but that they could travel to Liverpool and go to Anfield,” the president told Liverpool Echo.

“I think the government did not take firm action fast enough and seemed reluctant to do anything to worry people or affect the economy at the time. It was not a smart idea to let the game play and allow the city to fill with Spanish fans who mingled with the citizens of Liverpool. It wasn’t the fault of the Spanish fans, but that game shouldn’t have been played, ”adds Anderson.

On the other hand, the former head of health of Liverpool, Dr. Ashton, denounces that «it was a shameful decision to let Madrid fans travel to Liverpool. Now we are seeing the consequences in the city ».