While trying to explain what Christopher Nolan’s new movie is about is still a bit tricky, thanks to the trailer that was released a few hours ago, we know it will have some great action scenes. As expected everything will be full of special effects, so it is interesting to know that for the scene of the crash of the plane of ‘Tenet’ They used both an airplane and a real building to do it, as explained by John David Washington.

With everything and that the pandemic seems not to be easing in the United States, this film does not seem to want to modify its release date, which is still scheduled for July 17. But this will not depend on the director or the product house, if the cinemas are still closed by then, there will not be much that can be done.

Anyway, in what they decide, we can enjoy the new trailer that was released exclusively by the Fortnite video game last night, but is now on YouTube and various platforms. Near the end, after the classic transition to the name of the film, we can see the scene of the crash of the plane of ‘Tenet’ and it will be incredible to know how it was made.

“That was a real plane and that was a real building that plane crashed into. And we, the cast and crew, all witnessed it. It was epic. It was incredible. We all applauded and screamed when they said ‘cut,’ after Chris felt he had done it. So what you saw is really what happened. At least the night I was there, “Washington said during the Fortnite live event.

Without a doubt, it will be much more impressive to be able to see it in the cinemas, on a huge screen, since these types of action scenes can only be enjoyed at their best in this way.

“Some of the moves we were doing, especially those head-to-head sequences, and the physics of it all, some of our specialists, George Cottle and company, had never done some of these moves before, they were like invent them specifically for this movie. So it’s very exciting that we can introduce this new fighting style, this new fighting style, “said the actor.